<February 15, 2010>

F-637E Seat Hinges

Wow, back to back days in the shop for me…. Amazing!

I started by trimming six pieces of hinge to length making sure that there were eyes on each end.

After marking and drilling a master with a #40, I used it to drill the remaining five sections of hinge.

I deviated from the norm here and it worked out well in the end. I think most people start by mounting the forward hinge sections first, working their way aft. This can lead to alignment or edge-distance problems by the time they get to the aft hinges. Instead, I started by drilling the aft hinge section first, and worked my way forward. By doing so, the rived that go through all three layers (hinge, seat and rib) are all perfectly aligned along the centerline of the hinge material.

As I said, I then worked my way forward using the distance measurements (between hinges) on the plans. My forward hinges may be 1/16” to 1/8” more forward or aft than specified, but it shouldn’t make any difference in the end. Besides, who uses the forward seat hinges anyway.

I was happy with the way it all turned out, so I enlarged all the holes to #30.