<July 25, 2009>

More Canopy Deck Work

When I drilled the Canopy Decks and F-757-Ts the other night (link), it turns out I missed a bunch of steps. I must have been asleep at the drill because there was still a fair amount of work still to be done.

I started by marking the locations of the holes that would connect the longerons to the F-757-Ts aft of the F-705 Bulkhead (see DWG 25).

It sure was a nice night for RV constructionů the temperature was perfect.

Here's how it should have ended up the other night.

With all the holes correctly drilled, I then drilled a ╝" hole through the F-705 bulkhead assembly through which my static tubing will run. This is a lot easier to do now before the Canopy Decks are riveted. As you can see (towards the top left) there are a few skin to longeron rivets that are going to be difficult to set with the F-705Gs riveted into place. In fact, tehe one in the corner is clearly going to be a big issue. I needed to do some research on this so it felt like a good place to stop.