<May 25, 2009>

Fuselage Riveting Day 6

A short day in the shop today, but progress nonetheless.

In preparation of installing the F-772 Forward Bottom Skin, I torqued the lower longeron to firewall angle bolts and applied some inspection lacquer.

I then riveted the F-772B Floor Stiffeners to the F-783B Cover Support Ribs and F-601J Firewall Angles. To be able to access the aft rivet on the Cover Support Ribs I had to remove the AN bolt that attaches it to the spar center section.

The final step before installing the forward bottom skin was to mix up a small batch of CS1900 Firewall Sealant, which I then applied to the lower flanges of the firewall before the skin was installed. This stuff is THICK and STICKY!!!!

After the sealant was installed, I installed the F-772 Forward Bottom Skin using a cleco in every hole of the firewall flanges, and then installed the remaining to floor stiffeners.

A view from inside.

While the fuse has been being riveted I was a little concerned about this screw hole as it looked like the countersunk layers were going to be slightly misaligned. I was very happy to see that with the bottom skin clecoed in place everything came into alignment and the screws fit flush when test fit.