<April 28, 2009>

Painting Parts

I gave it another shot at painting tonight (pun intended). It was obvious the other night that the Preval spray gun just didn't have the power needed to atomized the JetFlex WR, so I brought out the big guns tonight (ha, another pun).

Before I began I stripped the paint with a rag soaked in acetone, but I was actually surprised to find just how tough the JetFlex WR was. It eventually came off after a bit of rubbing, but not nearly as easy as I thought it would. One thing is for sure; the clean-up on the JetFlex couldn't be easier… just rinse and dry.

Out came the real deal... My Sharpe Finex FX300 and 3M Paint Prep System cups. In the batch tonight I reduced it with a bit less water in the hopes that I reduced the chances of it running.

After testing on some cardboard for a bit, I noticed BIG difference using the spray gun. I still have to play with the settings a bit, but it was a huge improvement over the other night.

Since I still had paint left in the gun I shot the inside flange of the F-902 Bulkheads as they will be hard to spray once the fuse is assembled.

The pictures do a bad job of representing the color but when I was spraying I kept thinking that the color was a bit lighter that I had expected. What's interesting is that when I hold the color card up to the parts, the color is a perfect match (when dry). I am not sure why, but it looks darker on the sample (chip) than it does on the whole part until you put them side by side. In case you couldn't figure it out, the "Pepperdust" color chip is the third color down on the far right. The good news is that I really like the color; it's exactly the look I was going for.