<March 15, 2009>

Primed Longerons

The weather was decent so I seized the opportunity to prime the longerons.

After backing the cars out of the driveway, I used a garbage can and sawhorse to hold the longerons while I primed.

I was down to just a little bit of primer in my last can but it worked out perfectly. The can went dry just as I was touching up the last few bare spots… normally I am not that lucky.

With the longerons dry and stored away, I set out to install the nutplates on the F-715 Seat Ribs. I didn't like how close to the edge of the flange the rivet holes in the ears of the K-1008 nutplates was so I switched to these MS#? nutplates on the ends. I'll just need to order a few replacements now.

I was a little concerned that the nutplates might interfere with some of the side skin rivets, but I think there ill be enough room for the bucking bar. I want to do a little research here before I rivet.