<February 26, 2009>

More Countersinking

What a week! My wife was away on business for a few days leaving me to care for our daughter all by myself (I don't know how single parents do it). Then both my wife and I were faced with layoffs at our respective jobs. While we are both still employed, the stress of it all has really taken its toll on us, and a night in the shop was a welcome diversion from the chaos of the week.

As the title says, tonight was another night of countersinking this time focusing on the floor stiffeners, side stiffeners, auxiliary longerons and lower longerons. It was a pretty easy night of work, but I did study the plans a bit as the far forward and/or aft holes on a few of these parts do not get countersunk. I forgot to take my camera out to the shop with me and I was too lazy to go get it, so no pictures tonight.