<March 10, 2008>

Firewall Drilling

Over two weeks since my last entry, this wasn't supposed to happen. My wife's been traveling, my daughter's been sick, blah blah blah. You get the picture, I've had no time, but I am hoping that's going to change. Oh, one piece of good news; I got my BFR and solo check-out which you can read about here. Anyway, back at the forward fuselage tonight, I have drilling to do!

As the instructions say to do, I put some short (-4) keeper rivets into these holes to keep the weight of the firewall from sagging the longerons. After this picture was taken I put some tape over them to keep them in place. I wonder where I got that idea. ;-)

The instructions and plans now tell you that the forward surface of the firewall is to be 5/8" from the edge of the F-770 Side Skin and F-772 Forward Bottom Skin. I don't know why they didn't say this sooner, as it forced me to play around with the line I had just drawn on the firewall angle. Oh well, after about 30 minutes of measuring, adjusting and clamping it was good enough and I decided to move on.

Next I drilled two holes though the bottom skin and into the firewall angle to "set the distance between the firewall and F-704 bulkhead".

I then clamped the WD-602 Upper Engine Mount Brackets to the longerons, but I seem to recall that I wasn't supposed to do this yet. Oh well, it worked out fine.

With the firewall firmly clamped into position, I got out my #40 drill and drilled the side skin to firewall flange holes on both sides.