<October 7, 2007>

Deburring Day 3

I am not sure if it is because I have been really busy, or perhaps it's that I hate deburring, but I haven't been very motivated over the past few days. I guess the deburring elves aren't going to magically appear and do it for me, so I better get my butt back in gear. Today was just a continuation of the past few construction days, deburring and edge-finishing, but I did throw in some dimpling (of the bulkheads and j-stiffeners) to make it interesting. I also deburred and dimpled the bottom tail skin, but other than that there isn't much else to report. I thought I had taken a few pictures today, but I guess not.

I had a few miscellaneous tasks to take care of, one of which was to trim the front end of the J-Stiffeners to equal the edge of the skin. I am not sure if this really needs to be done, but I did it. I clecoed the stiffener in place and then marked where I needed to trim, then I sanded it down.