<September 13, 2007>

Timmed J Stiffeners

With the longerons behind me it was time to start on the J Stiffeners. The kit comes with six of them all of the same length, and they need to be cut to the proper length and ends trimmed. The instructions are vague and the plans arenít much more help, but I think I figured it out.

After measuring and marking three pairs of stiffeners, the cut-off saw made quick work of cutting them to length.

UmmmÖ there's not much I can say about this picture. There are two of each length.

To trim them, I did something that a lot of builders do. After marking them, I first drilled a #30 hole on the vertex of the stiffener and then opened it up with the step-drill (Unibit) to get the desired radius. I then used a cutting disk in my Dremel tool make the cuts and the sanding drum (also in the Dremel) to smooth it all out.

Rather than marking each individually, I used the first one as a template to mark the other five. I just needed to remove a touch more material as the stiffeners don't nest perfectly, but this was no big deal and they all came out great.

I wasn't sure if the other end should be trimmed so I stopped here and I will check what a few other builders have done before I commit to cutting them. It was getting late anyway, and I didn't want to make too much noise.

I wanted to work a little longer, and couldn't resist clecoing this together. The fit is horrible, but more on this later. Now it's time for bed.