<June 30, 2007>

Drilled F-705 Bars

Today I tackled the drilling of the F-705 bars. This isn't a particullarly tough job, but you do have to pay attention to the notes on the plans, and you want to ensure everying is aligned correctly. There a quite a few holes to drill and since the bars attach the rear wing spars, I consider these parts critical, so I took my sweet time today. It paid off, everything came out perfectly.

First thing I did was align the line on I had drawn down th center of the F-705B Center Bar with the holes in the F-705A Rear Spar Attach Bulkhead. I clamped into position, and drilled the first (center) hole with the drill press. I chose to drill the F-705B to F-705A first, without the F-605C Bar Doublers in place.

It was then a simple matter of working my way outward, inserting clecos as I went along.

Once all the #30 and #12 holes were drilled in the F-705B, I removed the F-705A Bulkhead and clamped the F-605C Bar Doublers to the F-705B and got set up to match drill them. I then noticed a note on the plans about one particular rivet. It appears as though this rivet doesn't penetrate the F-605Cs, so I masked off that hole (on the F-705B) to prevent me from drilling it. I drilled all the rivet holes and bolt holes with the exception of the far outboard bolt holes that penetrate the F-705H Spacers.

Once the other holes in the F-605Cs were drilled, I drew a line down the center of the F-705H Spacers and clamped them into place. I then match drilled the F-705H Spacer and F-605C Bars using the F-705B Bar as a guide.

All done... it took a while, but the results are worth it.