<June 6, 2007>

Still More F-704 Work

Yup, even more F-704 stuff today. Just a collection of random but related tasks.

First, I countersunk the F-704G Vertical Bars. I double-checked the alignment of these to make sure I was coutersinking the correct side.

While I had the countersink out and set-up, I countersunk the holes in F-704A that are used to attach the F-704M web stiffeners.

I then gave the F-704M stifferners a coat of primer and riveted the nutplates into place using NAS1097 rivets.

It was getting a little late to start riveting, so I turned my attention towards fabricating the F-904J Spacers. The method of using the chucking the spacers into drill press and using sandpaper on the table (to keep the ends square) worked really well.