<May 14, 2007>

Began Firewall

Five months after receiving it, I started the fuselage. Tonight was a fairly easy night of clecoing parts together, although my tools wouldn't cooperate (read below). I think the hardest part of today was just locating the parts. The fuselage has so many little pieces and I have them stored all over the shop, that it took me a while to located everything I needed.

To fabricate the F-601Js and F-601E, I cut the provided angle stock down to prescribed lengths. During the cutting the blade on my band saw really started to wander. I discovered that one of the little plastic guides had broken and the blade was twisting. I managed to get everything cut to length, but I will have to order replacement guides tomorrow. In addition to my band saw woes, I discovered that the sanding disc on my sander was worn out and wouldn't cut (sand) through this thick angle. My power tools are conspiring against me! I'll stop at the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some new discs. With what little cutting and sanding capabilities I had I was able to finish the F-601E-1 stiffener, but not the F-601J angles.

I positioned and clamped the F-601E-1 stiffener into place, turned the firewall over and match-drilled the stiffener using the firewall as a guide.

The fit of some of these parts leaves much to be desired, especially the firewall recess, but I did manage to get it all clecoed together. I am going to pick up the sanding discs I need to finish the F-601Js before I start the drilling process.