<March 18, 2007>

Painted Small Pushrods

Not too much to report today. All I did was to spray a little gloss white enamel onto the small pushrods and then I mounted my new RV-flavored license plates to my car.

On a unrelated note, I recently ordered a Dynon unheated pitot tube from the guys at SafeAir1. Why Dynon? Well, the choices for unheated pitots are somewhat limited and since I had already made provisions for a pitot mast, it was either order a pitot that would fit or fill the hole and go with the stock pitot arrangement. I don't have any plans to go with a Dynon EFIS, but after reviewing my limited options, I figured their pitot was the most attractive option. SafeAir1 said I should have the pitot will ship direct from Dynon in a week or two. They just released their new heated pitot, and I hope all the ordered for it doesn't delay shipment of my unheated pitot.

I have never had much luck with spray paint but these came out pretty good. I think the secret was the layer of primer I put down first. I am going to let these dry good before I try to rivet them.

In a state with 36M+ people, I was actually surprised I was able to get these. I am such a nerd!