<February 28, 2007>

Completed Right Flap

One flap is done and off the to-do list. Overall it was a pretty easy and short night. I know I should be putting more time in, but I figured I would wait for another day to start the left flap.

I struggled a bit to find a bucking bar that would work here, and I ended up using my small anvil shaped bar. It worked ok. It was still a little long for the job, but after a few hits of the rivet I was able to get it between the spar flanges and have the right angle on the shop head.

Update: I figured out a better way to do this when I riveted my left flap, see March 4th.

Once the top skin was riveted, I riveted the hinge in place using the squeezer. While I had the squeezer out I also rivetd the FL-706As to the FL-706Bs.

All done, with no major issues. I ended up with a small ding in the bottom from the rivet set, but it is the bottom and it will never be seen.