<February 11, 2007>

Riveted Right Aileron

Whooohooo! Another couple of hours in the shop and good progress to show for it. One aileron is now done. Riveting the aileron wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, in fact, it was pretty easy. I modified by tungsten bucking bar a little bit to assist me with the job and it worked great (see below).

To allow easy access to the top skin/spar rivets, I ground my bucking bar down to the appropriate angle. I had already made a slight angle in the bar for riveting the wings, but I had to increase the angle for the ailerons. I hate modify tools like this, especially expensive ones, but the results were well worth it. I then wrapped the bar with the little bit of shipping foam and then covered it with red electrical tape (I was out of black). This allowed it to rest on the spar web and opposite flange without scratching. It worked well.

I borrowed this idea from my buddy Chad. He used level blocks wood and screwed the aileron assembly to them for riveting. It worked great and held the assembly nice and firm while I riveted. Thanks Chad!

Here was the riveting procedure. The bar just sat of the spar web and flange with me providing the pressure. This made riveting the aileron skin soooo easy, that even a caveman could do it. ;-)

The proof is in the pudding. Every rivet perfect. No really, they are!

I removed the aileron from its wooden cradle holder thingy, inserted the rear ribs and squeezed the remaining rivets on the top of the aileron. I rested it back into the holder thing for the picture.

I followed the instructions for riveting the bottom of the aileron (sorry, no pics), installed the hinge brackets, and there you have it... a completed aileron which I just had to mount on the wing (temporarily).