<December 21, 2006>

Dimpled Aileron Stiffeners & Skins

Back at it again tonight with more aileron work (or rework). My Father-in-law, who shall from now on be know as "the FIL" or just "FIL" helped be by deburring the skins while I dimpled the stiffeners. We then brought out the DRDT-2 and he got a lesson in skin dimpling. For my final act of the evening I cleaned the stiffeners and shot them with a little primer. We rivet tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot, my fuse shipped today and should be here Tuesday... whooohooo!

Once the skins were dimpled we taped rivets into one side of each skin in preparation of riveting them tomorrow.

Primed stiffeners... and that's all I got to say about that.