<November 18, 2006>

Deconstructed Wing Fixture

Since the top wing skins were now riveted there wasn't a need for the jigs (fixtures) anymore. To be honest, I was sort of anxious to see them go as it is somewhat of a project milestone. I thought about buying new wood for the wing cradle, but instead I decided to reuse the wood from the jigs. However, this meant the wings would need to be stored temporarily while the jig was disassembled and the cradle built.

My buddy Jeff came over and helped me remove the wings from the jig. I was a little concerned about leaving them where I did, but I couldn't think of a better place. They were surprisingly stable, and as long as I didn't knock into them, they weren't going anywhere on their own.

After about an hour the jigs were no more. Fortunately, no wings were harmed or damaged in the process. I thought about starting the construction of the cradle, but I was up really early this morning and I was feeling tired, so I decided to leave it for tomorrow.