<September 3, 2006>

Left Tank Inboard Rib

I am one more step closer to finishing these tanks and being done with the sealant. Today I installed the inboard rib on the left tank, but before I could do that, I installed the anti hang-up bracket that I had forgotten about when building the right tank. All in all a pretty easy day in the shop.

This time, I made sure I installed the anti hang-up thing (bracket) in the left tank before closing it up. This bracket is supposed to stop the flop-tube from getting caught on the stiffener or elsewhere. The thing is, the flop-tube really doesn't seem long enough to get caught up, but who am I to say.

Once the hang-up thingy was installed, I riveted the inboard rib into place. To keep the excess sealant to a minimum, I applied electrical tape to the inside of the skin. Once the rib was installed, I used the rivet gun and bucking bar to rivet the T-410 and T-405 into place. I didn't have a lot of time today, so I decided this was a good stopping point.