<August 3, 2006>

Fuel Tank SB & Rib Prep

I ordered my flop tubes many months ago, before the fuel tank SB was issued, so the nuts on my flop tubes were undrilled. I had never drilled an AN fitting before, so I was a little nervous over the prospect of screwing up a $40 part. My concerns proved to be unfounded and I was done (drilling) in a matter of minutes. Once the drilling was complete and the safety wire installed, I turned my attention to preparing the parts of the right tank for riveting. Scuff, clean and dimple was the order of the night.

Since the face of the nut would be at an angle to the drill bit, I was worried about the drill bit bending and scrimming off the surface of the nut. To solve this I first drilled a small hole (dimple) into the face of the nut with my hand drill. This gave the drill bit something grab onto when hitting the nut at such a shallow angle. When drilling the nut, I did so very by advancing the bit very slowly. You can see the remnant of my small hole/dimple on upper hole in the nut pictured above.

After drilling I tightened the fittings and applied safety wire in the perscribe fashion. By the way, before I drilled the nuts, I assembled this parts and marked the appropriate location for the hole I drilled above.

Scrubbed, cleaned (with MEK) and dimpled where needed. I hate this part!