<May 21, 2006>

More Shop Work

I managed to get a little more shop work done today. I started the day by completeing the new wing jigs, then I moved on to hanging the lights, pictures and my tv, and before calling it a night I spent some time organizing the shop. I still have much to do, but it is starting to look like a real shop. The landscapers tell me they will be done this coming week. Once they are done, I can move on to the shop wiring which when complete will allow me to get back to building.

This digital level is really handy, but sometimes I think it is too accurate. What I mean is, you can drive yourself nuts trying to get it perfect.

The garage has a slope for drainage, so simply measuring the the height to which to mount the cross bars would have resulted in the spars being sloped. Instead I leveled the two cross bars by strecting some string between them and using this handy clip on level (I don't know its official name).

The wings are just set into the jigs for now, but it is starting to look like a shop again.