<January 18, 2006>

Riveted Left Z-Brackets

Back at those z-brackets tonight. Using a few scrap nutplates I drilled and countersunk all the holes for the rivets that hold the nutplates to the brackets (in all but the inboard bracket). Once that was done I mounted the brackets to the spar, including riveting the nutplates to the spar for the inboard bracket. I still have some minor items to finish with the right tank before I can drill the left z-brackets, so I called it quits at this point.

The z-brackets on the left bolted to the spar. Before I put the tank back on the wing, I will mark lines the read flange of each bracket so that I can check their alignment with the holes in the baffle. If you recall, I offset the holes in the inboard bracket (bottom of pic) away from the flange by 1/16". Doing this allows you enough room to get a socket on the bolts.

An order from McMaster-Carr came in today. As others have done, I decided to use stainless steel socket head screws to attach the tank inspection panel. These are Mil-Spec 8-32 1/2" stainless steel screws (part #92200A194) and Type 316 #8 Washers (part # 90107A010), and while probably overkill from a hardware perspective, they give me the warm fuzzies.

I also received my Parker Rolo-Flair tool from ATS today... I just had to test it out.