<January 15, 2006>

Tank Parts

I performed a collection of tank related tasks today. I started by fabricating the tank attach brakets from the aluminum angle provided, then I cut and deburred all the tank stiffeners. I didn't take a lot of photos today because the work was rather repitious.

I forgot to get the camera this morning, so I didn't get any shots of the initial cutting, but here is what the first bracket looked like one is was cut and sanded. To make his, I first cut a piece of angle roughly then I measured and drew the rough shape I wanted cutting the excess away on the band saw. After the band saw I did the majority of the shaping on the belt sander before hitting it with the Scotchbrite wheel.

Once the first one was complete, I clamped them together and traced a mirror image onto the other angle. I was careful not to produce two left pieces.

To get inside some of the tighter curves I took the metal backing (or whatever it is called) off of the belt sander so the belt could be manipulated. I then used a scrap piece of metal pushed into the back of the sanding belt to force the belt into the tight iside curves.