<December 23, 2005>

Leveled Wing Spars in Fixtures

I worked from home today, and on my morning coffee run I stopped at the hardware store to pick up a few things I needed to level the wings. I used 7/16" threaded steel rod, some fitting and 2x4 scrap to make some jacks. After that I spent a little time cleaning up the shop but that was about it for today as I have real work to do.

Here is how I leveled the wing spars. I drilled the wooden blocks so the threaded rod had a place to rest in. The coupling at the top (with the requisite jam nut) can be spun to fine tune the height of the jack. I used construction adhesive to glue the bottom block to the floor (after trimming the carpet) so it wouldn't move. It is drying and I will pick up here tomorrow.

Here you can see the fishing line I used to level the front wing spar. Before leveling the line of rivet holes in the spar sagged about 1/2" below the fishing line.

Chief quality inspector Sonoma came out and gave it the two paws up sign of approval.