<December 5, 2005>

Wing Stuff from Van's Arrived

This holiday crap is killing me! Between the parties and the shopping, I haven't been able to get any shop time in days... Argh! At least my order from Van's showed up today. I got my fuel caps, flop-tubes, capacitive senders, lights and a few other do-dads.

Christmas came a little early for me. From left to right you can see the flop-tubes, fuel caps (top), capacitive senders (bottom), some snap bushing and rivets (center), and the two Duckworks rectangular light kits.

I hadn't seen the Deluxe caps before ordering them, I had only heard about them, so I was a little reluctant to buy them considering the cost. After opening the box I can see why these things cost what they do, they are works of art! The stock caps were ugly steel gray and almost impossible to open without some sort of pry tool. The deluxe caps are perfectly finished and open easily without the need for a tool. They are really purdy and I am glad I upgraded!