<November 28, 2005>

Ordered Wing Stuff

While not specifically constuction related, I have been spending a lot of time reseaching some of the decisions that will go into my wings. Items such as lighting, a pitot mast, pitot & AOA plumbing, etc. are all thing that I wanted to consider and plan for before the wings were riveted together. Well, I made some decisions and I spent a decent amount of money today. Here is what I bought and who I bought it from...

  • Pitot/Static Plumbing Kit
  • AOA Plubming Kit
  • 90-Degree Pitot/AOA fitting
  • Pitot Mast
Van's Aircraft
  • 2 - Duckworks Rectangular Lights
  • Capacitive Fuel Senders
  • 2 - Flop Tubes (fuel pickups)
  • 1 - Standard Fuel Pickup (in case I change my mind on 2 flops)(
  • 2 - Deluxe Fuel Caps
  • Additional Snap Bushings for Pitot/Static/AOA plumbing