<November 21, 2005>

Drilled Holes for Wing Conduit

I started tonight by fluting the last two nose ribs, W-408-1 (L and R). These don't have any holes in the flanges (yet) so you need to put them inside the leading edge skin, and mark (roughly) where the holes will go, then flute between the marks. Easy enough.

I then set out to drill the holes in the aft ribs for the conduit. I drilled .75" holes per Van's instructions. After drilling I deburred the holes which made them a tiny bit larger and easier to get the conduit through (I tested it). Once all the holes were drilled, I started mountng ribs to the spars.

I made myself a cardboard template to mark the location of the holes. I then pilot-drilled them with a #30 bit before drilling to .75" with a unibit.

Finally, after all the deburring and fluting, the ribs start to go on the spars.

The obligitory picture down the lightening holes.