<September 6, 2005>

Riveted Right Elevator Skeleton - 2nd Attempt

I was back in the shop tonight trying to rivet the right elevator again, but again with no success. I just can't figure out a good way to rivet the aft flange of the counterbalance rib to the spar. I ended up leaning over two more rivets so I called it quits for the night. The holes are now pretty chewed up and I am thinking of ordering replacement parts. I don't know why I am having such problems with this... I really seem to be all thumbs this week.

I spoke with another builder about this and he recalls squeezing them, but with a hand squeezer. This make sense to me as I haven't been able to get the pnuematic squeezer in there. He might visit me in a few days, along with his hand squeezer. We will see what happens.