<August 15, 2005>

Dimpled Stiffeners & Begin Elevator Skeleton

This has been a busy week at work so I haven't been able to get as much done on the plane as I hoped as I am just too darn tired at night. Oh well, my wings aren't scheduled to be delivered until the last week of September so I have some time. No sence in rushing.

While I was able to get the stiffeners dimpled, it was somewhat of a frustrating night. It seemed like I couldn't get anything to fit right... Read on.

Wow, this is an exciting picture. A pile of elevator stiffeners after dimpling... Yawn.

I ran into some problems while trying to fit the Tip Rib (E-703), Counterbalance Rib (E-704) and the Spar (E-702). No matter what I did, all the holes just don't line up. I can get one set of hole to line up at the expense of another. This is going to require some major tweaking.

See what happens when I get the hole in the tab to line up with the spar flange? Look at that nasty space between the ribs, but wait, it gets worse, look at the next picture.

Tis isn't good, I can't drill these. I was getting tired, so rather than trying to solve this tonight, I decided to revisit this when I am rested and have a fresh head.

I am not sure if this is related the the problem above, but this can't be good. You can see where one flange on the elevator tip rib (E-703) is longer than the other. The length isn't an issue, but the distance of the holes from the web is. Here you can see where one cleco is higher than the other. I would estimate that there is a 1D difference in distance between the two. I am going to email this picture to Van's to get their opinion.