<July 28, 2005>

Drilling the Rudder

Managed to get a few more hours in the shop today. Today I assembled the rudder for match-drilling. Things start to get a little more complicated with the rudder as there are many overlapping pieces.

After clecoing the skeleton together, it's time to cleco on the skin. Here you can see the left skin clecoed to the skeleton.

After clecoing on the left skin I match-drilled (reamed) all the holes. It now looks like a rudder to me!

A little blurry, but a look down the trailing edge of the rudder. Looks pretty straight so far, but I still have lots to do.

The R-710 Brace trimmed and ready for drilling. A suggestion... when it comes to trimming this brace, don't cut the holes off completely, instead trim down the center of the holes. If you trim the holes off, you might have edge-distance issues when the part gets match-drilled. A fellow builder had to order 2 more of these because he kept cutting too much off. You can see here, I did a trial fit and marked the holes. They should be fine, with regards to edge-distance, when drilled.