<July 11, 2005>

Deburring and Edge Finishing

I had other things going on this past weekend so no building occured, however I did managed to get a few hours in the shop tonight.

Pretty boring stuff tonight with no pictures really needed. I deburred and performed the edge-finishing on most of the VS parts. What more is there to say? I can't decide which sucks more, deburring or edge-finihing. One good thing is that Burraway made much quicker work of all the deburring and I think I am going to order the 1/8" version soon. I still have a little bit of edge-finishing to do, and I still have to dimple everthing, but those won't take long.

Today I received a selection of Oops rivets and some Pro-seal I ordered from Van's. I needed an oops rivet for one rivet on the HS that tilted over and had to be drilled out enlarging the hole in the rib flange. I replaced the bad AN426AD3-3.5 with a NAS1097AD4-3.5 oops rivet and it looks great. The oops rivets have the head of the AN3 rivet but the shank of the AN4. They they can be used when the a hole gets enlarged, but without changing the head size of the rivet. From what I have read they are good to have on hand, so I ordered a small bag of each size Van's carries. The Pro-seal is for glueing the trailing edge of the rudder which is coming up soon. That sounds like fun... not! The wait contiunues for my replacement HS-710, but I am optimistic that it will be here tomorrow and I plan on finishing the HS by the end of the week.

An AN426AD3-3.5 on the left and a NAS1097AN4-3.5 Oops rivet on the right. The head is the same size, but shank is larger on the oops rivet.