<July 6, 2005>

Riveting Left HS Skin

Today started off on a sour note. If you recall, I had a rivet on the HS front spar that didn't look good. The other day I drilled it out, but the rivet I put in to replace it turned out worse, so I had to drill it out agian. To make a long story short, the hole which was already a little too close to the edge of HS-710 got even closer when the hole became enlarged from repeated drillings. I called Vans first thing this morning, and the news wasn't good... HS-710 is critical and should be replaced if the edge distance is not sufficent. D'oh! So I ordered a new one and spent the evening drilling out the bad HS-710. Fortunately all the rivets came out without further damage to any other holes. Now the wait for parts begins.

I then spent some time riveting the HS skins again, but I cut my finger badly at work today and I couldn't hold the bucking bar tight enought to do a good job. I took all this as a sign to come back another time.

Here is the offending hole. I knew it should be replaced, but I was in denial.