<May 23, 2005>

Tools Arrive!

My Cleveland and Brown Tool order arrived today, as well as the Band Saw I ordered from Amazon.

Open us!
Taking inventory of the Cleveland order. They accidentally shipped me a C-Frame, which I didn't order the because I had already bought a DRDT-2 from Experimental Aero. Unfortunately, the trigger on the Sioux drill is sticking (won't stop running), so it is getting sent back for replacement.
The Sioux 3X Rivet Gun I ordered from Brown tools (with set and swivel from Cleveland). This is a nice rivet gun. I tested it and the trigger is great, it is very easy to control the speed of the gun. Brown Tools has some great prices too!
The Unibit set I ordered from Brown Tools... nice packaging!
The Delta 9" Band Saw I bought from Amazon.com. It took a while to set-up, and it still needs some adjusting, but it should prove useful. I changed the blade to an 18 TPI metal cutting blade I found at Lowe's for $9.