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Last Updated: 07.06.09

 Acrylic (Plexiglas)
Deburring Canopy Edges - An article on Mickey's RV8 site
Drilling Acrylic Sheet - A guide to drilling Acylic plastic from Plastics magazine
Physical Properties of Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex Acrylics - from Ridoutplastics.com
Windscreen Trimming & Drilling - Instructions from Cee Bailey's Aircraft Plastics

 Chemical Reference
Household Products Database - Chemical Composition of Household Products

ExpressSCH - Free Electical Diagram Software
Vern Little's - Free Downloadable Electrical Diagram & Symbols (for ExpressSCH)
AeroElectic's - Download Page, More Free Stuff

 Engine Information & Operation
Engine Weights
Christen Inverted Oil System - Description and Diagrams
Lycoming Key Reprints - A must read
Lycoming Engine Codes
Mag Check - Article explaining the operation of magnetos (Avweb membership req.)
Performance Engines FAQs - Great information here
Sacramento Sky Ranch Knowledge Base - Lots of good stuff here, not just on engines
Virtual Magneto - See exactly how a magneto works

Jim's Fiberglass Tutorial - A real good How-To
Bob & Karen Brown's Fiberglass Page - Great pictures
Darwin Barrie's Empennage Fiberglass Pictures - Some amazing fiberglass work here
Email from Dan Checkoway regarding Resins & Fillers - Dan is always so helpful
Smitty's Empennage Fiberglass Pictures - A good comparison of different methods

 Fuel Tanks & Sealants
Technical Specs on Flamemaster CS3204 Sealants - Fax from Sealpak Co. Inc.

 Priming & Painting
PCRC Ask the Expert Archive - Q&As from a paint and coatings expert
HVLP Spray Gun Set-up - How to set-up your Harbor Freight HVLP spray gun
Spray Guns 101 - Great info on HVLP spray guns from AutoBody Pro
Spray Gun Basics - Basic Setup & Using the Controls

 Technical Reference
AN Fitting Torque Chart
Printable Drill Size Table (PDF) *
Printable Rivet Gun Pressure Table and Frequently Used Drill Sizes (PDF) *
Skybolt's Bolt Torque Charts

 Tips & Tricks
How to Remove a Rivet Safely - A how-to by EAA Tech Counselor Gil Alexander
Leo's How To Articles - A variety of really good stuff here
Sam Buchanan's Construction Tips Page - Very useful
Vern Little's Tips Page - Lots of tips and tricks

* Data provided by Dan Checkoway, and used with his permission.