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Okay, I know it's a bit early in my build process to be buying avionics, but it's fun to dream right? With the pace of change in the avionics industry, I won't be buying anything until I am ready for it, but it is still ok to start some panel-planning.

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Panels I Like

Below are pictures of other builder's panels that I like for one reason or another. Below each picture is the name of the builder, a link to their web site, and a brief description of what I like, and in some cases dislike, about their panel.

WOW! That is all I can really say. No it isn't... Awesome! This panel, belonging to Tony Partain of Partain Transport, is simply amazing (IMHO). Tony had the folks at AeroCraft Avionics make this panel for him. While AeroCraft has been making panel for Lancairs for a while, my understanding is that this is the first panel they have done for an RV-7. I think it came out great, and while I know it is going to cost me, I might just have to give them a call. If you like, you can also download a larger version of this image by clicking here. (Photos courtesy and property of Tony Partain)
Builder: Tony Partain

I like this panel for two reasons; the Blue Mountain EFIS 1 (tres kewl), and the clean layout.
Builder: Mark Taylor

My Panel Concepts