<May 16, 2010>

Andair Fuel Pump Install Day 2

As I mentioned a few nights ago, I am concerned with the lack of space provided under the Center Cabin Cover when the angles prescribed by Andair are involved. I've put some thought into is and I came up with a new plan.

I nothched the angles and used a wooden block to simulate how much space would be left under the cover. 5-3/4" x 3/4" isn't much for wires and cables, especially when you consider that the pump mounting hardware will also penetrate this space.

So here's a preview of my new plan... I will reinforce the cover with some .063 and use some .063 Angle along the sides to tie it into the vertical flanges of the cover, which will then attach to the floor stiffeners. This should provide me with almost double the amount of room underneath the cover.

My pump cover parts from Van's arrived so I match-drilled them to each other. Some people have been cutting the pump cover down for use with the Andair pump, but not me, I have another idea. ;-)

A little more trimming and match-drilling before calling it quits for the evening.