<April 25, 2010>

Seat Backs - Day 2

Seat #2 today.

Same as yesterday, I started by drilling the F-637B Angles to the Seat Skins.

Then it was on to the F-637C, again clamping it in place and drilling only the outboard two holes (through the skins and B Angles).

I then removed the second upper F-637C and mated it with the one from the first seat, using it as a guide to drill the interior holes.

Again, I clecoed the second upper F-637C Angle back into place and drilled the holes in the seat skin using the pre-drilled holes in the angle as a guide.

After cutting two pieces of hinge material (right and left) I clamped them into place along with the bottom F-637Cs.

Here’s how it all comes together at the bottom. Just like the tops, I drilled just the outboard holes, then took it apart.

With the outboard holes now drilled, I drew a line connecting to those two holes then spaced out the remaining seven interior holes and drilled them on the drill press.

With both lower F-637Cs completely drilled, I clecoed them back into place and used the seven holes I had just predrilled to drill the remaining Angle to Seat Skins and Hinge holes. It all came out PERFECT!

I then turned my attention deburring, edge-finishing and drilling the lightening holes in the F-638s.