<April 22, 2010>

Installed Floors and Began Seats

The parts pile is getting smaller and things are starting to take shape in the cabin.

First item on the list was to deburr and edge-finish the Forward Seat Floors, then install the Nutplates around the control stick openings.

I then installed the floors and Tunnel Cover using only a few screws to hold them in place.

Onto the seats. I started by cutting the .125 angle to length to make the F-637B Angles. My chop saw made quick work of this.

After trimming and sanding the angles down to final size, I rounded one end and cut the prescribed angle in the other end.

Using my vixen file I made the notch in the end of the angle (one for now) where the seat hinge will rest. I thought this would take a lot longer to do than it did, but the Vixen file really cuts when you want it to.