<November 2, 2009>

Deburring & Clecoing

I got an early start tonight, so I was able to accomplish more than normal for a week night.

I started by clecoing the aft top skins back on. In hindsight I probably could have just left them on for the time being and performed the deburring later. I am leaving them undimpled until they are ready to be riveted as it just makes them easier to store.

I then deblued and deburred the forward top skin.

Next I riveted the F-707B Clip to the F-787.

I then clecoed the F-750s in place (the baggage floor is just sitting in place for now).

I did notice this gap between the F-750s and F-724s, which I am going to look into.

At first I thought that perhaps I had assembled the parts incorrectly with the F-724 under the F-722, but according to the plans I got it right.

Then I found this, which seems to show a little tab that comes off of the F-724 and over the F-722, but given the way the F-724 is constructed, this is impossible, so the first diagram is correct and Iíll just have to deal with the gap.