<October 29, 2009>

Back to work!

What? You thought I had thrown in the towel? Me? Nah!

If anybody tells you that building your own airplane is easy, give them a swift kick in the behind and run because they are lying. It's not that the construction is challenging; the difficult part is managing your life in such a way that allows you the time to work on a project such as this. Family, work, home projects, the RV and more all compete for that very precious and limited resource, time, and it often the RV that looses out to higher priorities. Alright, enough about that!

After several weeks away I had that "where did I leave off?" feeling, but I quickly figured that I had some deburring left to do.

After a bit of shop clean-up and organization I de-blued the rivet lines of the F-775 Rear Top Skin, then I deburred the holes and performed the edge-finishing. Fun? No, not really.

I then deburred the holes on the aft bulkheads and called it a night. A short night, but as I've said many times before, progress is progress.

Update: In hindsight, it might have just been easier if I had left the skins on and deburred them later, but itís not a big deal.