<August 16, 2009>

Drilled F-774 Aft Top Skin

August is shaping up to be a really busy month for me work wise, and September will likely be the same. Unfortunately this means that I just won't have a lot of time to give to the project over the coming weeks. Enough whining… in this build session I drilled the F-774 Top Skin to the fuse.

I started by fabricating the F-707B Angle Clip per DWG 26. I only drilled one hole as the other hole will be drilled using the F-707 Bulkhead as a guide.

I clecoed and clamped the F-707B to the aft side of the F-707 Bulkhead, making sure it was properly aligned.

It was then a simple matter of drilling the bottom hole, then moving it to the forward side of the bulkhead.

I then installed the F-775 Skin, F-688 Gusset and F-787 Stiffener and match-drilled them to each other and to the fuselage.

Again, the J-Stiffeners proved easy to drill simply by reaching in and holding them aligned with one hand while I drilled with the other.

I then removed the clecos on the LEFT (not right) side of the fuselage, and lifted up the F-775 skin to provide access to drill the F-707B Angle Clip though the F-787 Stiffener.

After removing the F-775 and F-774 Skins, I deburred, primed and riveted the aft F-656 Gussets to the fuselage using the rivet gun and bucking bar for most of the rivets.