<August 4, 2009>

Riveted F-728 Bellcrank Channel to Fuselage

I am writing this several weeks after performing the work, so let's see how good my memory really is.

First on the list for the evening was to rivet the F-728 Bellcrank Channel to the F-706 Bulkhead. This was a lot easier than riveting seat ribs to the bulkhead as the access to these rivets is much better. If you look closely you can see the screw and CherryMax rivets from my prior riveting troubles. My friend Jeff came over to help me shoot these rivets, but he had to leave so the F-728 to bottom skin rivets were left undone.

I then finished the riveting of the F-705 bulkhead assemblies by shooting the outboard two rivets under the longerons which I wasn't able to set with the squeezer.

Next I riveted the top of the F-728 Channel to the F-706 Bulkhead using the prescribed flush rivets.

With the F-774 Top Skin now removed I had plenty of access to drill the F-656 gussets that I had clamped into place while the skin was installed.