<August 2, 2009>

Back from AirVenture 2009

I returned yesterday from another fantastic AirVenture. I am not going to write a full report but I had a great time hanging out with all my RV buddies. I didn't take many photos of RVs, but you can see my photo album here. I did however do a little bit of shopping while I was there.

1- From left to right here's what I brought home... Angle Drill Kit from Avery Tools, Tube of Met-All Aluminum & Stainless Steel Polish (for firewall), Tip Up Canopy Ball Stud Mounts and Tail Light Mounting Ring from Machine Inc., Andair Fuel Pump kit with pump, filter, bracket, selector and firwall fitting, and a deburring tool for sheet edges.

Here's a better shot of the pieces I got from Rick Mileika (Machine Inc.). Rich was nice enough to provide me with a set to try out, but he will be selling these. If you are interested in obtaining a set, you can contact him at rich@machineinc.com

I was curious how well the Met-All polish would work so I gave it a quick try. Here's the before picture of the firewall.

Here's a shot after just a few minutes of polishing by hand. I am really amazed at how well this stuff works for such a small amount of effort. I went over the same spot a few times, all by hand, and it just seems to get better each time. I've got some light scratching in a few places and this polish isn't really aggressive enough to remove the scratches, but I may order some of their P37 Prep Polish which they told me should work.