<July 27, 2009>

Riveted F-705G Angles & J Stiffener Work

I found a few threads on VAF discussing the riveting order of the F-705Gs and skins. It seems that there is sort of a catch-22 here; If you rivet the skins first (and this includes the top skin) then the F-705Gs become difficult to rivet. However, if you rivet the F-705Gs first then the forward three forward holes in the Top Skin to Longeron to Side Skins become difficult to set using solid rivets. In the end I decided that I would put my pride away and do what many people have done, use blind rivets in this location when riveting the top skins on. This will allow me much better access to the F-705G to F-705 Bulkhead rivets (now) and I fair sure that I'll only need to use one blind rivet per side. In my humble opinion, I think this conservative approach will save me some work down the road, but who knows… I could be wrong.

Now that my research had been completed and a decision made, I riveted all but two of the F-705G to F-705 Bulkhead Rivets using the squeezer. The other two will have to wait until I have a riveting/bucking partner.

I then installed the F-774 Aft Top Skin so that I could clamp the forward F-656 Gussets into position and so that I could fix the positions of the top J Stiffeners relative to the F-706 and F-708 Bulkheads. With both top skins in place, I moved the stiffeners forward and aft and side to side to align them, and then drilled the holes through the skins/bulkhead into in the far ends of the stiffeners. With the positions of the J Stiffeners now fixed relative the bulkheads I removed the F-774 Aft Top Skin.

I'll now have good access to drill the F-656 Gussets that I had clamped to the longeron while it (the F-774 skin) was installed.

With the Aft Top Skin removed and the position of the J Stiffeners fixed (drilled to the F-708 Bulkhead), I reached in to align the line I had drawn down the center of the stiffener with the holes in the Rear Top Skin and clamped it into position on the F-707 Bulkhead. Confusing yes, but there is a method to my madness… just watch.