<July 26, 2009>

Notched F-705G Angles & Clecoed Aft Skin

I still hadn't decided what to do about the F-705G riveting order, but I did know that whatever the outcome the three skin to longeron rivets covered by the F-705Gs were going to have clearance issues unless I did something. With that in mind, I decided that I would modify my F-705Gs a bit to provide a bit more room for the tail of these rivets.

I started my marking the locations of the offending rivets.

Using files, sandpaper and Scotchbrite, I notched the F-705Gs so that there would be enough clearance for the three rivets in question. At this point I put the F-705Gs away pending the outcome of my reseach.

Moving on, I clecoed the F-775 Rear Top Skin into place and slid the F-786A J Stiffeners into position (remember to mark a centerline on the flange of the stiffeners (see DWG 18).

At some point the directions tell you to install and drill the F-656 Gussets to the bulkhead and the longerons without the top skins in place, but I can't see how that would be a good idea. I was concerned that if I drilled them without the top skins, thy might cause some misalignment and then difficulty when installing the top skins. My solution was simply to clamp them into place with the top skins installed and then drill them to the longerons once the top skins have been removed.