<July 20, 2009>

Riveted F-695 Gussets to Fuselage

More work on the F-695 Gussets and F-721 Canopy Decks today.

The other night I had drilled the gussets to the fuselage using only a #40 bit. I was satisfied with the fit of everything so my first task of the day was to enlarge the holes to #30.

I am writing this a few weeks after doing it, but if I recall correctly I was able to squeeze all of the rivets along the longerons, but I needed to shoot/buck a few of the rivets along the firewall angle as the firewall brackets were in the way.

When I drilled the first few holes the other night I wasn't sure if the F-721As should be drilled now, but I did some research and I couldn't find where this would be a problem so I finished drilling them both to the longerons.

After bending the tabs on the F-721Bs into position, I drilled the holes in the tabs through the holes in the F-721As.