<July 11, 2009>

Various Fuselage Stuff

More small parts taken out of the bin tonight.

With the holes drilled in the F-695s, I clamped them to the longerons and firewall angle and drilled with a #40. I chose a #40 here so that I could verify the alingment of everything before I drilled out to the final size (#30). This was somewhat of a waste of time and if I had to do it again I would have probably just gone directly to the #30.

Back to the small parts bin for the shoulder harness anchors which were first deburred, and then drilled to the longerons.

I then fabricated the F-635C Spacers and assembled the F-635 Bellcrank Assembly per the plans.

Next I riveted the F-728B Angle to the F-728A Bellcrank Channel. Easy stuff!

The instructions don't tell you to do this now, but I deburred the edges of both the F-721A and F-721B Canopy Decks so that I could get a nice tight fit between the parts. I then drilled the first hole (aft hole) through the F-721As and into the longerons to set their position relative to the F-721Bs

I used a piece of wood to hole the forward end flush and drilled the remaining holes through the forward canopy deck and into the longeron. I did it this way because I can always trim the edge of the part (in the middle) to be flush with the side skins. As it stands I'll probably need to take about 1/32" off the edge right in the middle.

Using the squeezer and various yokes, I was then able to rivet about 80% of the Aft Deck rivets. I left those than need to be shot empty for now.

Same here, I was able to squeeze all but two .