<July 5, 2009>

Reorganized the Shop

I spent a few hours in the shop this weekend but none of it was spent working directly on the RV. Instead I reorganized and reconfigured my shop, which is something I have been intending to do for a while.

After removing all of my power tools I trimmed one of my work tables down a bit (on the right). The top of the table had a 4-5" lip around the edge which really ate up space, so I cut it off and recaptured the space. After sliding everything forward a few inches, I then removed my desk from along the back wall and trimmed about 18" off of it and remounted it along the side wall (in the back corner). With these configuration changes I was now able to slide the fuselage over and align it with the garage. I also removed a rolling storage rack from the garage, which has caused me to be a bit creative in finding new homes for all the stuff that I had stored on it.

My back is against the wall for this shot, and while it's a bit snug all the way around the fuselage, I do think this will work better for me in the long run. Please ignore the lumber in the cabin.