<June 27, 2009>

Technical Inspection #2

With the fuselage now upright I thought it would be a good time to have another EAA Technical Inspection. Gordon, our chapter's TI, came over after our chapter breakfast and gave my work a look over. All is good!

Another successful Tech Inspection completed. Gordon again had nice things to say about my work and didn't see any issues that needed to be addressed. Sure, there are a few less than perfect rivets, but we decided they were good enough and not worth replacing.

Once Gordon departed, I set out to solve a small rivet problem I had on the fuse. These are the tabs on the aft side of the F-711 bulkhead which ride up onto the longeron. The problem is that once the bulkhead riveted and the longerons were installed, the hole in the tab didn't line up with the hole that was drilled through the skin and into the longeron. I asked one of our chapter sheet metal gurus how to fix this and he said to just make some aluminum washers that can be used to capture the tabs. I was leaning toward this solution, as opposed to drilling to a #30 and using an Oops rivet, so it was good to know we agreed.

a little bit of cutting, drilling and priming I had two washers ready to install.

So that the washer would stay in place for riveting, I mixed up a *TINY* bit of JB Weld and applied it to the back of the washer and clecoed it in place until it dries.

Did I mention it was hot today? Ok, enough for today, time to get out of this heat.