<May 26, 2009>

Fuselage Riveting Day 7

I had run out of things to do by myself so it was time for another helper. This time it was EAA 663's Flight Advisor Barry Weber. Barry has lots of RV experience, both building and flying, and I was really surprised how much we were able to accomplish in short amount of time.

Smile Barry!

With Barry bucking we were able to rivet the bottom skin to the spar center section and to the lower longerons. When riveting the skins/longeron/firewall angle holes, I had to move up a rivet size to get the right length, and we were fortunate to complete the job with only 2 rivets left in the bin.

After a round of beers Barry departed and I went back to the shop to rivet the two skin to center section rivets with MSP-4x rivets (2s or 3s I can't remember). For the life of me I can't figure out how Van's expects you to rivet these with solid rivets. The silver clecos are still there because the bolts holding the center section together are in the way and need to be removed before those holes can be riveted.