<May 24, 2009>

Fuselage Riveting Day 5

More solo riveting today. Oh wait, I did have help on a few.

I started by riveting the skins and bulkhead at the far aft end of the fuselage.

It was at this point that my A&P friend and neighbor Jeff came riding up the driveway on his bicycle. Knowing that he has a machine shop in his garage, I asked him if had any scrap steel I could use to buck those F-623 Corner Rib rivets that I mentioned the other day (may 20). He rode back to his house and returned only minutes later with a piece of 1/4" (maybe it was 3/8") thick steel that worked great as a bucking bar. So with Jeff's help I was able to set those four pesky rivets.

I then riveted the F-902 Bulkheads to the lower longerons.

To finish out the day I got out the squeezer and set as many skin to longeron rivets as I could (as the plans would allow). I am not sure if it was a good idea to do this now, but I did it anyway.